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Romanesque Mask / Apasionado II

Winners of this show for me:

- Tomochin in drag. She's the only one who could fill out that costume.

- The end of the Valentino scene when Yuuhi dances angstily over a kagesolo with the lights shining bits of gold on the stage.

- Tomochin dressed as a zebra <33333

I thought this show was brilliant. It's sad that I only got to watch it twice.

Also: Tomo Club wins awards for being the fastest club again.

Shinko demachi!!!

At 2:49 you can watch Michael come out, then moments later the epic hug I was talking about! She looks sooooo happy <3333 (well, they both do)


A quickie

I saw on the homepage that they're playing 3D Nova Bossa Nova as part of the Marunouchi Bright Christmas event.

I thought, "OMG, 3D! I want to see that!"

.... Not that I didn't watch it live in 3D over 20 times.


Fine in Aichi

I feel it almost goes without saying, as kanto is still pretty far and I'm not really near water....

But everything is fine here. No outages, no tsunami, no major quakes...

There was about a 3.0 quake while I was at work and that was mighty disorienting, but not so bad...

Just wanted to let people who might be worried know I'm ok.

Wonderful Town

Wonderful Town, 11/14/2010 Nagoya Senshuuraku, Chunichi Theatre
leads: Aran Kei, Bessho Tetsuya

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It's goooooood to be aliiiiiive and in Aichi!

Additionally, Hinatan is in that cast <333

In a related note..... um, why did they give Yuzurun NO ONE? I expected Mickey to at least be made a smexy butler.


Heading toward the mura on the 6:04 train. Won't make Michael iri, but will do toujitsuken for Sabrina. Plans to kangeki every day til Tuesday, then come back to Nagoya after the 11 am show that day. Who will I be seeing around???