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That 2010 meme

What shows have you seen this year?

Bund Neon Shanghai
Yukariko/Heat On Beat
The Scarlet Pimpernel
Trafalgar/Funky Sunshine
Roget/Rock On!
Romeo and Juliette

... I think that's it. Soon New York Rhapsody though <3 Will also be seeing Sabrina, and have a ticket for Gin-chan in September.

What's been your favourite role so far? (You can give answers for each of your favourite 'siennes)

Ooki Makoto as Nazarro (though her in the Crows number convinced me to go to Tokyo...)
Izumi Aoki as Fubuki
Yuzuki Reon as Jose
Yumesaki Nene as Carmen
Kiriya Hiromu as Percy
Suzumi Shio as Benvolio
Kurenai Yuzuru as Mercutio

Who's a 'sienne you've fallen for this year? And what role was it?

I've always loved Toyoko, but I fell for her hard this year. Probably as Garcia.

Magee... from her ochakai XD Doi-chan too... her Rabbi role XD

Izumi Aoki knocked me dead this year.... Fubuki was great. But omg, has she gotten hot!

I also completely fell head over heels for Nene after seeing her as Carmen

Rei Makoto made me cry a lot as Love

What shows from this year have you bought / do you plan to buy on DVD?

I've bought Gekijou/Bolero. I bought last year's show, Coimbra too. But for this whole year, those are the only 2 shows I bought. Wait, I lie... I bought Hoshi BeruBara Gaiden. So only 3.

But I want Yukariko/Heat on Beat and Romeo and Juliette when it comes out.

Which theatre do you prefer?

Munakata's Yurix theatre was surprisingly good. I was on the side on a hard plastic seat, but it was surprisingly comfortable and a good angle. I still like the design of the Tokyo theatre-- I think the B seats are good there. Bow Hall is still my favorite... but until hoshi, I've only seen 1 Bow Hall show this year.

Worst theatre is Aichi Cultural Center. The nosebleed 5th floor seats are designed to prevent you from being able to see half the stage.

What's the best seat you've had so far this year?

Either the seat on the side (B seat!) at Yurix, or the bottom of the A section on the 2nd floor in the theatre, left side... perfect for Michael viewing and with just the aisle in front of me. Yeah, I'm cheap about tickets...

Who are your three favourite otokoyaku?

Ooki Makoto, Izumi Aoki, and Suzumi Shio... maybe?

Who are your three favourite musumeyaku? (No OGs)

Yumesaki Nene, Kitori Mariya, Otohane Yuri..... probably?

Who are your three favourite OGs?

Aran Kei, Yamato Yuuga, Kozuki Wataru

I say dancer, you say... (current or OG)

Kiriya Hiromu, Yuzuki Reon, Tsurumi Mayu

I say singer, you say... (current or OG)

Otohane Yuri, Yumeki Anru, Kiriya Hiromu,

Which underclassman has most caught your eye this year?

Uh.... already being an underclassman fan....

Maybe Outsu Risa for being so sweet when I met her in Harajuku

Manaka Ayu, Maihane Mimi or Yumeka Ami - who do you like best?


Whose retirement has hit you hardest this year?

I think it's a sign that I'm so entrenched in hoshigumi that in theory, I'd say Yumiko's. But in reality, I'm still looking for Hayaya in dance numbers. Also Koto Marie.

Your best three plays of the year so far.

Gekijou. Yukariko. Romeo and Juliet.

Your best three revues of the year so far.

Daigekijou Bolero. Tour Bolero. Rock On. (and if Bolero didn't get 2 slots, then Chunichi Heat on Beat)

A big musical or a play and a revue, which do you prefer?

A play and a revue, though Scarlet Pimpernel is one of the few 2 act plays that keeps my attention the entire time. Also Romeo and Juliette kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time.

What's your favourite costume of the year?

Everything of Jose's in Gekijou. Nene's white dress with big red roses on it for her flamenco solo. The tourist costumes in Africa.

Out of the shows performed / you've seen this year, which scenes / lines did you like best?

--Fubuki proclaiming that he prefers women when he was given Yukariko at the brothel.
--pathetic hunters: "Dame da ne!"
--All of the "koko wa [Africa]" and "[TOMAKE]" adlibs.

--Mercutio dying
--Michael pretending to shoot herself in the head for RENTA's benefit
--Michael pretending to be a bull
--The first scene of Bolero, especially with the purple parachutes
--All of the Africa scenes
--Carmen dying
--Percy singing "She was there"

Have you taken a step forward as a fan this year? If so, please tell us about it.

I moved to Japan and got to do club events and iride for the first time.

Out of the goods you've bought this year, what's your favourite?

Magee postcards. August Graph. My tour clubwear. MY GEKIJOU TOUR BAG.

Which Graphs and Kagekis have you bought?

Really random ones. I'm not even going to check.

What are you looking forward to in second half of the year?

Hoshi bow hall. Going to Michael's ochakai for the first time. Going to another Magee ochakai. HOSHI FINALLY BEING IN DAIGEKIJOU AGAIN.

What's a shop you recommend in Takarazuka?

Mai's. The Mama-san there is ridiculously friendly.

Tag some people if you like.

Has anyone not done it?


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Aug. 8th, 2010 02:22 am (UTC)
--Mercutio dying
--Michael pretending to shoot herself in the head for RENTA's benefit
--Michael pretending to be a bull
--The first scene of Bolero, especially with the purple parachutes
--All of the Africa scenes
--Carmen dying

Yes to all of these! <3


Oh god, yes! I knew I was forgetting something significant when I did the meme! *snuggles bag*


Everyone's been there but me! *pouts*
Aug. 8th, 2010 10:45 am (UTC)
"Percy singing "She was there"

I completely forgot it was this year ^^:::
I forgot it in my list !! (*has a problem with tsukigumi* )

and me too I thought that Nene was just incredible as Carmen *.*
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